About Us

What We Provide

As a strategist consultant working with institutions and businesses to support coaching and leadership development, we provide:


To empower minority women in educational leadership roles, helping them develop the skills, confidence, and strategies necessary to excel in their positions.

Equity & Inclusion

To promote equity and inclusion within educational leadership, ensuring that minority women have equal opportunities and representation at all levels of education.

Leadership & Development

To provide tailored coaching and leadership development programs that focus on the unique challenges and strengths of minority women leaders.

Change Catalyst

To be a catalyst for positive change within school districts by supporting minority women in leadership roles who can drive innovation, diversity, and excellence in education.

Resilience Building

To help minority women leaders build resilience and overcome obstacles they may face in their leadership journeys.


To foster collaboration and networking among minority women leaders, creating a supportive community that can share insights and best practices.


To advocate for policies and practices that promote diversity and inclusion in educational leadership and support the needs of minority women.

Measurable Impact

To measure and demonstrate the impact of your coaching and leadership development programs through the success and advancement of minority women leaders in education.

Client Satisfaction

To consistently deliver high-quality consulting services that meet the needs and expectations of your school district and principal clients.

Continual Improvement

To continuously refine and improve your consulting methodologies and offerings based on feedback and changing needs within the education sector.


To raise awareness about the importance of diversity and inclusion in educational leadership and position Witt & Associates, LLC, as a trusted and influential partner in this space.