Dr. Witt's Speaking Topics
Dr. Witt is passionate about transforming education and empowering individuals to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of learning.


Her speaking topics cover a diverse range of topics aimed at educators, support staff, parents, and students alike:

– Building Leaders
– Speaking Effectively
– Assistant Principals- You are Key!
– Cultivating Inclusivity and Diversity
– Celebrate Your Staff
– Creating a Positive School Climate
– Building Culture
– Black Women in Leadership
– Diversity and Inclusion
– Revive Our Educators


– You are Vital to the School’s Success
– We are the Exceptional Customer Service Excellence!
– Networking and Relationship Building
– I’m Stuck in my Role!
– Leadership Skills for Support Staff


– So, You Want to Be a Leader?
– The Importance of Connection
– Differentiated Instruction in 2024
– Classroom Management: Get a Handle!
– The Impact of Connection
– Fix My Burn Out!


– Handling School Stress
– Digital Citizenship
– Advocate for Yourself!
– Mental Health Awareness
– Character Education and Values
– Motivation and Overcoming Obstacles


– Navigating the IEP Process
– Supporting my Student and the Social Emotional Challenges
– Parent and Child Communication
– Foster Parents- Assume the Role!
– Importance of Supporting Your Students in a Digital Society
– What’s Wrong with My Kids?

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